DIY The Best Full Dinner Ive Ever Made So Far! Extremely Delicious! Im Surprised!

Making meatloaf
Making mashed sweet potato
Making roasted green beans

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  1. i like both types of green beans so im not much help i like garlic in crunchy green beans (but i like fresh garlic in my sweet potatoes <3 but on thanksgiving i have them without garlic & have the brown sugar instead ) if you like bell peppers like the green & red & yellow ones that are not hot, you can add them to the meat loaf or slice them in half & take out the seeds(sprinkle some extra spices to make even more flavorful) & put the meat loaf inside & then bake , is really good if you like bell peppers. and you can use ground chicken,, or even smoked ground turkey,,but you need more spices and bread crumbs, i can't remember how much, not a lot though.i think your doing great ,when i was learning i was really bad & even now there times when i dont cook a great meal, just remember" without back steps it wouldn't be a dance & we are meant to dance!" also i have even learnd thing watching you earn so that is good as well<3

  2. Love watching you guys cooking videos. Btw, crunchy green beans all the way. And I was raised to call sweet potatoes “ yams” and we but a gang of butter and brown sugar.

  3. Home made meals are the best. Meal looks yummy. Although I don’t eat meat my husband and kids would like the meat loaf. I like crunchy green beans with them being a little tender. I never put ketchup on the meatloaf. I try to flavor it well with the ingredients I use.

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