DITL: Vegan Ethiopian Buffet & Art Museum

Anji and Ryan take you along on a trip to the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art and the adjacent La Brea Tar Pits. The hungry duo also checks out the All You Can Eat buffet at their old favorite Vegan Ethiopian restaurant. We should definitely do an HHV meetup there one weekend this Autumn or Winter as our cooked food fans will LOVE it! We had a great day and hope you’ll enjoy it, as well.

Ryan composed some new incidental music to go with some of the antiquities featured in the video. Our Lovespirals song, “Abide,” is also featured briefly.

“Sleight of Hand” from ‘Love Me Leave Me’ by Anji Bee
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  1. Thanks for sharing this footage! Museums are a sustenance for me; the opposite of predigested culture like Disney. Am going to have to put your museum on my Cali bucket list.

  2. I’ll have to try this place out! We have only one vegan restaurant up here in Ventura County 🙁 I think we need a little getaway here soon 🙂

  3. Love watching your adventures!! I live in Huntington so I like seeing where you guys go, recognizing places and discovering new ones 🙂 Definitely driving out to LA for that buffet, it looks incredible! Thanks for sharing!

  4. QUESTION: What’s your opinion on beans??! It seems like the HCLF vegan community don’t really eat them at all 🙁 but I love eating black and baked beans with rice almost every day AAHHH is this unhealthy???!

  5. Great video guys 🙂 I was just wondering if it was difficult for you to avoid garlic and onion at the buffet? If there’s a little of it in there and it doesn’t smell too pungent (lol) will you guys eat it?

  6. I’d no idea what Ethiopians eat but that looked great – Nice Museum too.  Anji, that part at the end with you eating – looked delicious but now you’ve learned how to torture us lol 🙂

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