Dinner Party Recipes : 28 Minutes of Chicken Dinner Ideas

Rebecca Brand shows how to make chicken dinners in this TV Episode. Rosemary Chicken, Chicken Noodle Soup, Fried Chicken, and a Hot Chicken Sandwich are all wonderful and amazing fresh from your kitchen. Quick meals, or simmering soups are covered. These are all easy dishes with Rebecca’s special techniques that help with getting you to the finish line fast. Chicken is a great healthy ingredient for your family and friends, and affordable. Chicken Dinner Ideas are inspiring for finding new ideas for what to do with that Chicken. Winner winner Chicken Dinner! Have fun cooking with these easy recipes.


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  1. for the chicken sandwich if I were you I would make it in a bagueutte I would add some garlic paste with the mayonaise and add some parmesano or mozarella. but still very good work you’ve done here Rebecca.

  2. one lovely lady you are miss..i must tell you..the way you cook your food,its simply magnificent…Really like the way you smile and explain…Simply superb..How old r u miss? You look like 30 ..Keep up with the good job..

  3. hair cross contamination. and why does American and europeen cook thé chiken right after buying it? don t you know about the process of removing the bad flavours of chicken with lemon and salt to disinfect it as well before starting to cook it and season it.

  4. i am only 13 but i love to cook and your videos inspired me to start helping my mom and grandma with thanksgiving and Christmas. i love the ways you teach the audience.

  5. Hi Rebecca:In India, they add “spices” on their chicken, and that the “secret” of a good Indian “cuisine” ;), as you can see, they have a “lort” of children ;)!Coz “spices” are aphrodisiacs! hehe

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