Diabetic Gingerbread Cake Recipe : Recipes for Diabetics

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Diabetic gingerbread cake is a really delicious treat that your entire family will flip for. Get a Diabetic gingerbread cake recipe with help from a registered dietician in this free video clip.

Expert: Liz Beechler RD, LD
Bio: Liz Beechler RD, LD, is a registered dietician in Idaho and Oregon.
Filmmaker: Jeff Goodey

Series Description: You always need to be very careful when making any kind of treat that is intended for a diabetic. Learn about delicious diabetic recipes that you can make at home with help from a registered dietician in this free video series.


  1. The average sugar content of blackstrap molasses is 12.2g per tablespoons. You added 1 1/3 cup of molasses(we will say 1.3333) . There are 21.3333 tablespoons in 1.3333 cups, therefore, 21.3333*12.2= 260.2626g of sugar for the whole cake. Thats 16.26 grams of sugar per a 1/16 size piece. So you are incorrect that this is sugar free. IT IS NOT SUGAR FREE. However, I will give you the benefit of molasses being a better alternative than regular sugar because it digests slower than other forms of sugar. Regardless, this is not sugar free and shouldn’t be treated as such…… Other than that… great job!!!

  2. My boyfriend is a T1D, so he is dependent on insulin. I do make him baked goods cutting the sugar in half. Wouldn’t the molasses make it to sugary when your also including the sugar substitute?

  3. Hi, I just have to say this recipe looks really good.  My father has diabetes so I’m always looking for sugar free desserts or desserts that I can substitute the sugar for.  Instead of molasses can I use sugar free syrup?
    Thanks again.

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