Dessert Recipes – How to Make Italian Lemon Cream Cake

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Make an impression with your cake skills and dazzle with this good looking and tempting cream-filled, lemony Italian cake. Combine a white cake mix with milk, eggs and oil and pour into a springform pan. Mix melted butter, vanilla and cake mix to make rich crumbles for topping your cake. And while it bakes, create the irresistible filling by beating together cream cheese, confectioners’ sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest and cream. Cut thick slices and trim thin slices when no one’s looking—this cake keeps well in the fridge when wrapped in plastic.

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  1. you can whip heavy cream and cream cheese at the same time, you know. save bowls, less dishes. whole recipe seems too sweet. why not make a sponge cake from scratch with eggs, sugar, and flour? have you guys even seen the kinds of cake recipes and videos that are now available on Youtube? the quality of their content is so much higher than this. this is embarrassing.

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