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On Day 1 of filming the Furious Life in LA we explored the growing trend of Vegan Food. Everything was pretty damn delicious!

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  1. i don’t understand how you can consider cheep beef to be a good sores of anything in comparison to more expensive grass fed beef. My advice, Try grass fed beef as a comparison if your not willing to quit beef.
    The funny thing is Vegan food in comparison can be cheep to and never ends with cancer apart from pesticides, o wait that means the cheep in general is a risk.
    Consider what your eating and not just what it harms and remember trauma and stress contribute to cancer, so why would you take the risk & eat cheaply #farmed & traumatized animals?

  2. each to their own, I enjoy eating meat, tried being vegetarian once, lasted 2 weeks, it was awful, I can only assume veganism would be worse, I love meat… get over it!

  3. My Grandpa lived till age 84. That’s longer than the average lifespan of a male. He ate meat his whole life. My mom is Brazilian and her side of the family is known to live longer lives. They ate and eat meat. Truth is you can’t beat genetics or aging. Vegans and meat eaters will die eventually. I just wish these were the old days when there were famines and plant based food was harder to grow. I wonder if you Vegans would still have your lame opinions about diet.

  4. I hate that some vegans/vegetarians give the rest of us bad names 🙁 I get told pretty often that we are a judgmental/preachy lot, and then usually I get told that being vegetarian is terrible and weird and that I really should eat meat. So I guess there are judgmental/preachy people on all sides of the food thing (some meat eaters don’t notice that they can be that way as well though).

    I hate the question ‘so why are you a vegetarian anyway’ they always have such skepticism/mistrust/fear/anger on their face, like they were just told that I was from another planet and they are not quite sure they believe or understand it. Food is food, I don’t like meat so I don’t eat it, I think that’s okay – you do like meat so you do eat it, I think that is okay too.

    I am glad you are healthy! I love your videos! Many of them make me (almost) wish I still ate meat 😛 my fiancee and I discovered you and the L.A. Beast not long ago and we are really enjoying catching up with your videos.

    I am also very glad to see that you have an open mind about people eating what they choose.

  5. Exciting, isn’t it realising that you have been missing out on food which is healthy, and on the plus side most likely tastes better, and adds a ton of variation from meat meat meat.

  6. Hi, I’m vegan, and I do not wish you dead 😀 I think it’s awesome that you don’t judge all vegans because some vegans are a-holes, AND on top you try vegan foods.. pretty cool, bro! Hope you recover!

  7. the reason vegans are probably getting so angry at you is probably just because they are b-12 deficient. remember to take your b-12 supplements vegans, so your crazy diets can be sustainable! with much love, a concerned carnivore

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