Delicious NO FAT Raw Vegan Salad & Dressing Recipe using only 3 ingredients

John from shares with you his favorite NO FAT raw salad dressing recipe. In this episode John will share with you the best leafy greens to eat on a raw plant based diet as well as show you how to make a delicious salad dressing using only 2 ingredients – mango and peppers. After watching this episode you will be hungry to try this easy-to-make raw vegan salad that truly nourishes your body with over 2 pounds of fruits and vegetables.


  1. Dude, many scientists believe in alternate universes or demensions. If that’s true. I am living your life in at least one of them! LOVE your vids and you live a GREAT life!!

  2. Dude, you know your stuff! That’s prolly the healthiest meal i’ve ever seen on youtube! I don’t get the negative comments below but seems people will bitch about anything. Thanks & i subbed!

  3. How much do you charge to help someone one on one to get started & get a garden/greenhouse going? Wow! What a wealth of information! I love your channel!

  4. I always enjoy your videos. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I just got my Vitamix today. Will give this a try. P.S. If mangos not available can I use frozen if I thaw it first?

  5. I am raw food just for 8 years and vegetarian for 18 years now , I am not fully raw vegan, I didn’t eat eggs or cheese just lot of nuts and less oil in my stirred fried veggies , all are veggies and fruits, thanks for the video

  6. hey John. I like it your salad recipe. I am unsalty person so I didn’t see you adding any salt there in your salad so I give you great theme so excellent .
    I am a vegetarian I am a green jungle person I live whole my entire life with organic green…..

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