Delicious Italian Pasta in White Sauce

whenever you feel hunger, Italian Pasta is always the best to eat and easy to cook.
Food Street at this time brings the complete recipe for Italian Pasta for their viewers.
Please Watch it and tell us how you find it. It is so delicious that i am sure you will love to eat and cook.
Today we made delicious Italian Pasta in white sauce
all you need is
butter for cooking,
plain flour,
1 cup of milk,
penne pasta,
two tomatoes,
1 tablespoon of red chili,
one chopped onions,
garlic 1 tablespoon,
a capsicum,
a zucchini,
1 tablespoon tomato sauce, and tomato ketchup ,
basil leaves,
2 tablespoon of cheese,
half tablespoon of dry oregano,
and salt,
so let’s cook,
in a pan, heat some butter.
add plain flour, and cook for few seconds.
then add milk in it,
keep whisking,
and bring it to the boil, until it is thick.
once thick,
get it off the flame.
in another pan, heat some more butter.
once it melts,
add onions,
garlic paste in it,
and cook for few sec’s.
then, add capsicum,
and cook for some more sec’s.
then, add tomato pulp,
ketchup, basil leaves, dried oregano,
red chili flakes and stir it well.
after this, add some water and stir.
it’s time to add white sauce .
after adding, mix it well.
add cheese, salt to it.
add the boiled penne pasta to the sauce.
and mix it.
delicious white sauce pasta is ready to serve.
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keep eating!

So this was the recipe for Italian Pasta.
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Delicious Italian Pasta in White Sauce

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