Delicious Italian Food from Vivoli Cafe & Trattoria

Vivoli is an Italian Café & Trattoria, with a mission of creating the finest collection of Italian food in a variety of authentic flavors, originating from the northern to southern regions of Italy, all while providing extraordinary service in true Italian fashion.
We have a diverse and regularly changing menu, highlighting culturally-specific Italian cuisine as it has evolved from years past to present, using traditional techniques and cooking methods, as well as flavors and ingredients.

Founded in 2003, by Mr. Nunzio Donato Ciaraulo and his wife Cristina, based on both a love of Italian culture and cuisine and the desire to share the Italian traditions and history with his guests, Vivoli is a full-service Café and Trattoria.

They pride themselves on the homey, neighborhood restaurant feel, without sacrificing the level of service and preparation required to stand out above other Italian eateries.

This gives their guests the feeling of stepping out of the big city, and into an intimate, culturally significant, comfortable and welcoming environment.
They invite you to experience Vivoli for yourself, as they promise it will be the best Italian meal you’ve ever had!

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