Deep Fried Cookies! – Little Deer Antlers

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A perfect recipe just in time for Christmas! This is another German recipe translated by Kayla and Karen at Old Salem Museums and Gardens. #townsendslittleantlers

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  1. I have all the CDs offered on your website from Jim’s Red Pants, and I just got your catalog. The catalog, I am going to give to a friend who is an associate chef at a German restaurant down the road, and who is into the Steam Punk genre. I showed him your website, and his eyes lit up. As for myself, I’ll be ordering a few things more from your site.

    As far as this recipe is concerned, I think I’ll have to render my own lard. I tried this with the store bought stuff, and it was not at all like what my grandma and her parents made. They rendered their own lard from the pigs they raised. I think that is the difference.

  2. Great job as usual Ms Ivy! She is getting so big but always nice to see a family video for sure Jon. Blessings to you all at the Townsends.

  3. In my part of France we call this “shankala” you can add almonds they will take a little volume like donuts.
    And i’m currently eating some of these I have made with my mother last sunday ^^
    We are doing this for “mardi gras” usualy.

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