Decorating Our Christmas Tree + Q&A | Acacia Clark

We talk all things Christmas in this video! We absolutely adore the Holiday Season and wanted to share a little bit of it with you guys! Watch us decorate our tree and sip on Hot Cocoa!


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Photo at the end was taken by @avamariaphoto on Instagram!

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  1. Acacia your daughter is sooo cute my baby sister is cute too, but brinley is sooo much cuter!!! She is growing up so fast and I bet she will grow up and go through the stages you did ( tumblr, swag, etc.)

    EDIT: Sorry if I spelled Brinley wrong 🙂
    🙃 Sorry 🙁

  2. i remember when acacia was super young and just an “insecure shallow social media girl”. now she seems genuinely happy and that’s really cool to see 🙂

  3. As for traditions, my dad (still) reads the Polar Express book every Christmas Eve and we each open an ornament afterwards as the first gifts of Christmas! Christmas morning we eat Pillsbury orange rolls (an actual blessing if you haven’t had them) and those are just my FAVORITE things to do 💓

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