Crispy Cheddar Cheese Pane Recipe For Breakfast

fresh chee, 1 cup corn flour , 1 bowl sifted wheat flour , 4 eggs ,
 only egg whites will be used,   necessary spices , scaly pepper
  dried thyme, black pepper , dry mint , salt
liquid sunflower oil for frying or frying
this video will be made in detail with a crispy cheddar cheese pane
the ingredients of this fabulous recipe
fresh cheese , 1 cup corn flour , 1 bowl sifted wheat flour
4 eggs, only egg white , necessary spices , scaly pepper
dried thyme , black pepper , dry mint , salt
liquid sunflower oil for frying ,  you can use frying oil ,
first into a deep container, , add egg whites
you can serve it as a very tasty, easy, breakfast or snack with a small amount of ingredients
Egg whites will be used, you can use the egg whites for other purposes
add wheat flour into a large container
add corn flour into deep bowl
add the necessary spices into the corn flour
Add flakes of pepper, black pepper, dry mint, thyme, salt and mix
add some salt into the white flour
slice the cheddar cheese thick
cut it squarely, and cut it with a knife to be 2 centimeters thick
2 pieces of triangular slice for testing purposes,
you can cut it with a knife in triangle
first add kashar cheese into white flour
Make sure the cheese is covered with flour
Pour the flour coated cheese into the egg yolk
Fully cover the kashar cheese with eggs
cover the egg whites with cheddar cheese and then cover with corn flour
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be careful not to leave the slightest open. hold the cheese and prevent it from flowing out
cover with corn flour, then cover with egg whites again,
feed the egg flush completely
cover again with corn flour
in summary, white flour, egg whites, corn flour, again egg whites, again corn flour
wait 15 minutes somewhere in the air before frying the cheddar cheese
you can keep it in a little freezer for the drying of the outer coating

middle of the frying pan and wait for the frying oil to warm up
a small piece of dough may be left in to recognize that the frying oil is warm and ready
after frying oil has warmed up add the crispy cheddar cheese panel and fry
it will blush at most 2 minutes and the service will be ready
Be careful when translating the result is hot cheese in the hot oil
add a paper napkin under a plate and leave the fried cheeses here
I want to show you the cheeses in the fried case and do the tissue test
the outside is hot and crispy, the inside of the cheese is hot and melted
I give full marks to the quality and taste of this recipe, I can definitely try this recipe


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