Crema De Fruta (Filipino Christmas Recipe idea) | Chris Urbano

Crema de Fruta is a layered Filipino dessert made-up of sponge cake, custard, a fruit coktail layer or fresh fruits. This is considered as a special dessert because the preparation and ingredients involved are above ordinary but all so quick and easy to make if you know some shortcuts.

This cake recipe is a mainstay during Christmas dinner or “Noche Buena” and other special occasions.

Crema de fruta or Creamed Fruit as they say, is a layered dessert will always be a crowd pleaser in any party you will attend to. Crema de Fruta is composed of 4 layers, fresh fruits, cake, the custard and the gelatin that seals everything in place.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, mga Kabano!

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