Creamy Papaya Smoothie for Improved Stomach Digestion & Elimination

Creamy Papaya Smoothie for Improved Digestion & Elimination. Made with papaya, banana, coconut water, and cinnamon, this creamy and delicious smoothie is FILLED with benefits to help improve your digestion system and assist you with elimination. Enjoy anytime!

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  1. Hey Kristina, I had a question because you used cinnamon in this recipe. Isn’t that considered a spice? I’d assume so since cinnamon sticks are usually found in the “spices” section of the grocery store.
    The reason why I ask is because your site says “If you can’t make a meal of it, it is suspect at best” under the “What about spices” section.
    Why are you adding cinnamon to the smoothie if you consider spices to have no nutritional value?
    You’re such an inspiration, and I’d love to adopt your thinking and way of life, but I’m struggling a little bit with this concept. Thanks!

  2. You always have such a beautiful glow! I’m trying really hard to use your inspirational recipes in my life, thanks for all you do!!

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