Cooking With Hoarders: Special Christmas Turkey. part 1

Man, this is the kind of cake that, you know, there are no words to describe


  1. I still can not decide whether this man is a complete fucking train wreck of a man, or a genius.
    Either way I feel compelled to watch his videos, just to get a glimpse of the truth.

  2. I think if I had multiple houses, I’d have one as just a den, no responsibilities, just a house where you can leave it a crap hole and just do stupid shit in while you’re drunk, make crappy repairs as and when they’re needed and just run it into the ground for the sake of losing all need for care and responsibility while you’re living there. Only if you can keep the fire risk down, of course.

  3. “In case your wondering why I have shoes in the bath its because uhh there is a lot of disgusting stuff in there that I don’t want to touch with me feet”

    Jesus Fucking Christ that tub will haunt my dreams….

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