Cooking Vegan Tacos | Cheap & Easy Soyrizo Taco Recipe

You can cook these tacos for about $5! Cheap and yummy meal that will feed you and your imaginary friends.

INGREDIENTS (all found at 99 cent store):
Soyrizo (Cacique brand is cheap and yum)
Portabello Mushroom Caps (i’m a mushroom lover)
Italian squash
Onions (can be cooked within or chopped up as a topping with cilantro!)
A tiny bit of oil for the pan

A little Garlic Salt (or your preferred seasoning)
Smart Dogs (Unless you cook them for a bit, they will add a bit of a rubbery feel – which apparently some don’t like lol)
Cilantro (omg i forgot to add cilantro, but cilantro enhances all mexican foods)

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  1. A different type of video for you guys today. Depending on how it does, maybe I’ll make more! I hope even my non-vegan subscribers can appreciate it 🙂 I had fun making it and the tacos turned out deliciosos. ORRAI – gracias for watching, ese

    -ok also apparently, youtube is not showing this video unless you click on your subscriptions or have notifications so.. if you saw it – thank you!! turn on those notifs so you don’t miss the next one.

  2. Edwin I recently turned vegetarian and boy do I feel I wouldn’t be able to stop eating spicy food. You’re too funny! I used to use a fork to flip my tortillas 😂

  3. Holy shit I just realized that when Edwin took a bite of the banana it made a cucumber noise 😂😂 This is the type of subtlety that makes Edwin’s videos that much more funny and entertaining 😂👌

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