cooking kippers for breakfast

After my previous video about trying out UK food I was disappointed we never found any kippers to try for breakfast like in Fawlty Towers. But the good news is our local British store had some so let’s try them out …. and hope we don’t die.


  1. Please don’t fry them! Best grilled or jugged, that is put in hot water to heat. Serve with toast and a segment of lemon. What you have there are kipper fillets, which have been boned. Follow with tea and toast and marmalade.

  2. Rock band “Supertramp” has lyrics that say “Could we have kippers for breakfast, Mummy dear, Mummy Dear. Got to have them in Texas, cause everyone’s a millionaire”. I eat kippers a lot but never had them for breakfast.

  3. i always wondered why too..why eat fish for breakfast. the first time i saw my aunt prepare for my uncle in england. she asked me if i wanted one Í SAID nooooooooooooooooo!

  4. in England we generally boil them in the bag or microwave, the ones in faulty towers are freshly bought from a fish monger,who are getting rarer
    great with scrambled or poached egg,with a slice of bread to mop up the fishy butter’s delirious. As someone else noted the peppered mackerel is another great taste,especially cold with a salad. I’ve not made it myself but it can also be made in to pate.

  5. Very nutritious, tasty and I don’t know if you have the boil in the bag style of packaging. If so instructions are you boil for 12 mins. I cut corner of bag drain away the water, open the bag and serve

  6. Kippers are an underappreciated uk food . Delicious and nutritious . I grill them so they’re really fried in their own oils . Served with brown bread or whatever you fancy . Breakfast of Champions! Glad you tried them . As good as anything anywhere .

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