Cooking Gordon Ramseys FAVORITE Greasy Breakfast! Eggs Baked in Hashbdown

Trying out Gordon Ramsay’s Egg Baked in Hashbrown breakfast.
Delicious! But not a low-calorie diet. ;D

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6 medium potatoes
1 onion
6 eggs
8 pieces of bacon w/brown sugar
salt & pepper
Mike Chen’s Signature Spicy Oil

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  1. Looks delicious! I haven’t seen Gordon Ramsey cook this because I usually don’t watch him. He freaks out too much. So it is nice to see a pleasant person present this great looking breakfast. Hope to see more of your work on this great channel.

  2. I’d cook the hash browns completely on both sides first, super crispy, with a bit more oil the first time you flip. Don’t pack it down if you want it crisp. Then I’d put the eggs on and put a lid on it to steam for no more than 3 minutes. (I prefer runny egg yolks and this is faster and gentler than baking.) Then on low while making the bacon. Might consider a second pan for the bacon and start it on the second flip. Also, when you bake food, tell people what the temperature is. Same is generally good when you’re frying or braising — medium flame vs. full flame (you’re using gas) corresponds to medium heat vs (almost) full heat on electric. Never EVER use full heat except to set fire to your stove, but you knew that.

  3. He looks dutch tall, so in the U.S many men would look just as short next to him. I’m dutch but my asian roots make me short and I’m used to having to look up a long way and living in a place build for tall people.

  4. Suggestions:
    Don’t peel your potatoes.When you’re removing the liquid from the potato and onion mix, wrap it in cheesecloth and a couple of tea towels to quicken the process.

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