Cook a 6 Dish Vegan Thanksgiving (+ Lunch Recipe & DIY Tablescape)

In this Autumn Series Thanksgiving Special, I share with you all how to make a 6 dish vegan Thanksgiving dinner, a tablescape idea and a healthy lunch idea for Thanksgiving day! I also debut a very special guest that helped this all come together!

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So in case you all can’t tell, I watched a lot of Food Network growing up and I have always had a love for cooking shows that incorporate seasonal recipes and crafts. I especially love Martha Stewart and Paula Deen, both of which influenced this video a lot haha! The segments featured in this video are (in this order):

(for desktop users, I included annotations that allow you to skip anywhere in the video at 1:02)

Lentil Loaf (2:30)
Sourdough Bread Stuffing (6:43)
Healthy Lunch Idea for Thanksgiving Day (12:11)
Butternut Squash Sweet Potato Mash (14:24)
Buttermilk Potatoes (18:07)
Table (19:20)
Green Bean Casserole (20:13)
Mushroom Gravy (23:13)
Cranberry Sauce (24:22)
Timing Info (26:18)
Overview of all Recipes (26:28)
Bloopers/ Credits (27:41)

Lastly, I am so thankful that my mom agreed to be in and help make this video. She is seriously my best friend and I am so grateful to have her in my life! Make sure to show her some love in the comments!


Although I tweaked many of the recipes, I did not come up with these recipes (except the salad). Here are the AWESOME blogs that I found the recipes from:

(All of these recipes are vegan)

Lentil Loaf – Eating Bird Food

Sourdough Bread Stuffing (nut free) – Vegan Huggs

Butternut Pecan Sweet Potato Mash (gluten free) – Minimalist Baker

Buttermilk Potatoes (soy free) – The Vegan 8

Green Bean Casserole – Minimalist Baker

Mushroom Gravy – Fat Free Vegan

Cranberry Sauce (gluten free, sugar free, but free, soy free) – Busy But Healthy

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  1. a rue is actually oil and flour. you want to cook the flour so its not raw. enjoyed your video though. my mom just went vegan and im going to be doing thanksgiving this year so i need some thanksgiving ideas

  2. Variation on your stuffing: I make the same kind of stuffing/dressing but I put roasted pecan or walnut pieces, I add crumbled ginger snap cookies with pecans on top of my buttery sweet potatoes, and for my cranberry relish I add roasted walnuts/chopped celery/chopped apples to a can of whole cranberries with cranberry jelly. I also make potatoes with either boiled rutabagas or cauliflower and mashed with earth balance. I will share my easy sauce for my green beans. This is the same sauce I use for my mushroom stroganoff. I will it in a bit if anyone wants to try it. Great video!

  3. Thank you for this usefull video. To make it with with your mother is great idea 😍. I have made the sweet potato pumpkin and pecan casserole; It is so yummy. Thank you for sharing 💕💕

  4. Such an adorable video! I love cooking with my daughter, well she loves cooking with me lol (she’s 10 haha)!! Great ideas for thanksgiving!! I hope you do a Christmas one!! Sending lots of love! XOXO

  5. This is SO wonderful! I’m sending it home before I head back for the holidays- hopefully my mom and I can work together like you and your mom. Hope to see that Christmas video! 😉

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