Constantly Varied Kitchen: Christmas-Morning Quiche Lorraine

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Chef Nick Massie calls quiche lorraine “a savory classic.”

“(You should) learn how to make this at some point in your life,” says Massie, who runs

The dish includes one of every foodie’s favorites: bacon. It also involves leeks, shredded cheese, eggs, half and half, and thyme—all in a pie shell.

The cooking begins with the leeks in a pan with salt and pepper.

“I’m just going to let those cook down,” he says. “And don’t snack on the bacon.”

Next, the ingredients get placed—or poured—into the pie crust, and it all goes into the oven. Afterward, it rests at room temperature for 15 minutes before chilling.

“Then we’ll invert it, pull the pan off, cut it, put the pan back on, revert it,” Massie says.

He adds: “Great make-ahead breakfast for Christmas morning.”

To download the recipe for quiche lorraine, click here:

Video by Marston Sawyers, Nick Massie and Julian Marquez.

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  1. Paleo guys… seriously, calm your tits. I think I can speak for every non-paleo person when I thank you for telling us that this IS NOT paleo.. Really saved us some time finding and gathering those darn pie shells from the pie shell tree. His T-shirt has a website on it which doesn’t represent what he is doing in these Crossfit videos. Get over it. 

  2. OMG It’s not strict paleo!!?? Chances are you won’t become fat and unhealthy, and then burst into flames if you eat this meal.. It’s balanced and easy to make, might cook it for xmas!!

  3. I dont think its the Paleo channel…I just think his tshirt says it. Get off of the guys back. Good luck reaching your full potential on paleo too. You people would eat pine cones if it was the new cool thing to do….sheep.

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