Colombian Black Cake Recipe | How To Make Colombian Wine Cake | SyS


This is Colombia’s most popular cake that is served on many special ocassions such as baptisms, firt communions and weddings. It is also called “wine cake”, “wedding cake” or “bride’s cake”.

Versión en español:

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  1. Hi Diana, a quick question: Are the nuts necessary? I mean, are they essential for flavour and/or texture?

    And also, do you think that using brandied figs instead of figs in syrup would be overkill? I mean because that would make it 3 types of alcohol and it might clash.

  2. It looks fabulous. Much less work than Jamaican black cake. I’m not a rum fan and will make it using all wine. The rest of your cooking looks great too. I subbed to your channel.

  3. Hi Diana, thanks for sharing the recipes, they are amazing!
    I’m curious to know, why wouldn’t you soak the cake with the rum and the wine when still I’m the baking pan instead of taking it out and pouring the liquids with a spoon? does it make the rum and wine sink to the bottom leaving the rest of the cake dry?

  4. Another great video !  Watching it is almost as good (but not quite) as eating a huge slice of that cake.

    Like always the video leaves me ravenous, dying to try to make a cake like yours.

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