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I’m Dr. SaxLove and I love music from the 40s. This video is such an awesome collection of songs… everyone of them is it’s own little masterpiece. And why? Because this is a great style of music being played by musicians who really know their stuff.

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0:00:09 – 0:03:41 String of Pearls
0:03:54 – 0:07:17 Straighten Up and Fly Right
0:07:20 – 0:11:20 It Had to Be You
0:11:23 – 0:15:39 Why Don’t You do Right
0:15:42 – 0:19:38 Jersey Bounce
0:19:41 – 0:25:30 Misty
0:25:33 – 0:29:40 Paper Doll
0:29:43 – 0:35:04 In a Mellotone
0:35:07 – 0:40:07 Body and Soul
0:40:10 – 0:44:38 Satin Doll
0:44:41 – 0:50:45 Moonlight Serenade
0:50:48 – 0:57:24 My Funny Valentine
0:57:27 – 1:04:17 Nearness of You
1:04:20 – 1:07:15 Take The A Train
1:07:18 – 1:12:46 Harlem Nocturne
1:12:49 – 1:16:39 Summertime
1:16:42 – 1:21:01 Dream

Take for instance the bass player, Mike Valerio. Here’s a guy who, at the time, was the principal bassist for the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra. He’s also played on about 1,000 tv shows. Anyway, during the recording session for this album, between takes we would meet in the control room and talk about the songs. But Mike, because he was so busy at the time, would fall asleep on the couch. However, he would wake up in the middle of a conversation, add a comment or two that were always right on, then go back to sleep! It was remarkable! His playing on this album is PERFECT. There is not one note that isn’t exactly right, I swear it!

Or take Red Young, the genius on the grand piano. Has toured with Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Joan Armatrading, Dolly Parton, Tanya Tucker, Eric Burdon and Linda Ronstadt with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra; Plas Johnson, Big Jay McNeely, Johnny Reno, Marcia Ball and others and Dan Hicks. Okay? Also, he really is a genius. Just listent to the way he plays piano on this album. His notes just dance! And he SO captures the style of this music. It’s pure delight to hear him play.

Or take Doug Mathews, the (as he calls himself) drummist. Again, every note perfect. And in one take! Sensitive, subtle, groovin’ and swingin’. Masterful and beautiful drumming!

Finally, the songs themselves. I really did labor over the selections on this album, and for a long time. And then, after finding them, I took great care in their preparation, finding just the right key to perform them and just the right arrangement to maximize the pure swinging jazz pleasure these songs have to offer. In fact, at this moment, I’m listening to Paper Doll (0:25:33 – 0:29:40) and man it’s swinging hard!

Thanks for listening – I hope you feel what I mean when I say that you can’t help but feel happy when you hear this music!!! It lifts you up and cheers you.


~Dr SaxLove


This is a great video to play in the background during a Cocktail Party. It’s great restaurant music (music for restaurants), background music, dinner party music, 40s music, cocktail party music, and relaxing music.

Dr. SaxLove specializes in smooth jazz instrumental background music. His music is intended for relaxation, study music, dinner music, gaming, sensual times, and any time. Chill saxophone music always sounds good.

This is the music of saxophonist Mark Maxwell:

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This is a great video to play in the background during a Cocktail Party. It’s great restaurant music (music for restaurants), background music, dinner party music, 40s music, cocktail party music, and relaxing music.

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  1. Would be cool if someone made a place based on the 40’s era and we would have to dress up like they did in the 40’s while this music was playing. That would be so nice

  2. Ever go to a wedding, club, new year’s eve party, or other event were the music was insipid and just too loud? Sometimes it would be nice to have a conversation without shouting yet still be able to have music to dance to. Maybe put a little elegance back in to our lives and maybe our relationships,

  3. hi iiii ! in a sexy speak easy ( at a 1930’s bar ) legs crossed , black shiny dress , pump heels with my black hair parted to the side ahhhh smoking a smokes . Very red lips . Looking around the bar room till out of nowhere comes a slick looking man , we cross eyes smile a little comes to my table and offers me a martini………dryyyyy pleaseeeeeeeee . and we just talk in a speak easy sort of way . What’s your name Stallion ? Theo , he answers with a smirk .
    yours ? Ida….. not Ada ..huhhh…….he says softly… we continue to drink and the night was forever young !!!!!! hope you like it !!!!!!!!!

  4. I teach in an alternative high school where the students do their schoolwork online. I force them to listen to this. 🙂 I call it cultural awareness. Some days it’s R&B/soul; some days it’s light jazz; some days it’s Hawaiian steel guitar. This is what they like best.

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