Classic Italian Chicken Parmigiana Recipe – Emeril’s Classic Dishes – Emeril Lagasse

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Emeril shares his classic Italian chicken parmigiana recipe. With a few added spices, this dish cooks up with a BAM!

The Emeril Channel invites people to join Chef Emeril Lagasse as he teaches you how to make his signature dishes and so much more. From recipes perfect for tailgating at the game, to classic dishes that pack a punch, he’ll show you how to put the BAM in your cooking. 

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Classic Italian Chicken Parmigiana Recipe – Emeril Lagasse


  1. Melanzane alla parmigiana. Google it. Ask what is melanzane alla parmigiana. It will tell you it is eggplant parmesan. Then read on to other variations of this southern Italian dish. I bet it says chicken and veal. Its just that chicken and veal is the most popular in the states. No big deal guys. Dont get so worked up over it😂😂😂

  2. People don’t understand that “Italian-American cuisine”, IS NOT “Italian cuisine”
    In some regions we do eat meat with melted cheese on top of it and sometimes we use cream in pasta sauces as well. The problems of that awful chicken parmesan pasta are the combinations pasta-chicken and parmesan-chicken. The first is blasphemy,the other is even worse. Parmesan isn’t the cheese you want on your meat!
    actually don’t exist in Italy.
    Eggplant Parmesan – Italian Style – Melanzane!! YES-YES
    NOT Chicken Parmesan????
    please don’t bullshit.

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