Classic French Onion Soup Recipe – Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart cooks an easy and delicious French onion soup.

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Classic French Onion Soup Recipe – Martha Stewart


  1. WTF are these morons doing complaining about her using a salamander. She made the mistake of thinking these idiots had the common sense to know any oven can do this too. Salamander is a convenient tool that broils, everyone’s oven has a broil mode…. Connect the dots.

  2. 3000 for a salamander? I doubt I’ll use it that often. so ya, not worth the investment. I’ll stick to the old fashion broiler. Where’s Julia’s recipe? at least she knows people don’t have these high class items in there house. Use what ya got.

  3. Weird recipe: too many onions and vermouth instead of red wine (red wine contributes to the rich, deep brown color, which this dish lacks). There’s actually better recipes out there.

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