Classic Cranberry Sauce Recipe Thanksgiving Recipe

Rebecca Brand shows how to make classic cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving or Christmas in 10 minutes from fresh cranberries. This SUPER easy recipe works every time and will replace your impulse to ever buy canned cranberries again. It’s amazing how quick this recipe comes together, and how delicious it is for your turkey dinner. Christmas is more colorful as well with this whole cranberry red dish on your table to compliment your main dish. Make these ahead for your dinner party for a gorgeous side of bright popping red cranberries to make your presentation of your special dinner stand out with a crisp tart compliment to poultry or pork.


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  1. I wish I could make this for Christmas/Thanksgiving. My family will only eat the stuff from a can and my older brother will only eat the stuff that has no actual berries in it just the straight jelly.

  2. added too much water😞 but I fixed it by scooping the cranberries out and putting them in a different bowl, still tastes better than the can though😂 so still a success👌👍

  3. OMG!!! Thank You so much Rebecca for you cranberry sauce recipe . Your recipe was straightforward and to the exact standards of what i want to preserve in a excellent recipe and adding a distinctive touch to it as well. One again thank you for this fantastic and simplistic approach to making a holiday favorite. Never again will I purchase cranberry sauce from a can. All smiles here.

  4. Its funny how everytime you taste any special dish you make for the day you always make those 2 clumsy steps back while chewing on your food. xD its just funny sorry Lol

  5. As Thanksgiving draws closer, Americans are already preparing for the big day.Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without the cranberry sauce.

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