Christmas Table Setting – How to Fold a Rose Flower – Napkin Folding for Restaurant Table Setting

In this tutorial, I’ll provide instructions on how to set a table with napkin folding. I’ll show you how to fold a napkin into a rose or flower. I love napkin folding because it gives such a unique touch to the dinner table. Have you tried napkin folding lately? It’s a great table setting technique. 🙂

Great for Christmas or Thanksgiving! 🙂 Convert a boring square napkin into a beautiful flower/rose. Set your tables with napkin flowers for those special occasions, or just because you feel like it. This is how restaurants do it! 🙂

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  1. Nice tutorial. I’ve done origami for about 6 years now. May I suggest you do a tutorial on roses? I really like to make roses, and I’ve designed a few using various folding techniques. I suggest learning the original Kawasaki Rose perhaps off of the “Hello Paper” channel. I really like the Phu Tran Variation on the rose, but I don’t know where to make the pre creases at the end. Would you mind helping me with this?

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