Christmas red gluten free, vegan crackers- easy and quick Christmas food ideas

Full written recipe here:

This is easy recipe for Christmas crackers, really nice Christmas food ideas for this holiday. This snacks are super healthy, vegan, gluten free and diary free. ENJOY Yummy people.

To make this recipe you will need:
-oat flakes 200g
-peanuts 100g
-sesame seed 30g
-salt 1tbs
-cumin 2tbls
-dried garlic 1tbs
-pickled beetroot 100g

Use a food processor and first add the oat flakes, peanuts and sesame seed, blend around 3-4 min. Than add your beetroot and spices (don’t add the salt) and blend for another 4-5 min on a minimum speed. At this point the dough will be ready, so put it over a baking paper and cover it with another baking paper and roll the dough until it is tin enough for crackers. Than make your crackers with a mold.
Cover your pan with a baking paper and put the crackers over it.
Bake them in a preheated oven on 170″C for about 40 min.

Have a good day Yummy people.

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