Christmas Recipe – Small Honey Cakes – Melomakarona

Traditional Greek Small Honey Cakes – Christmas Recipe – Melomakarona

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  1. These look so good! Gonna give them a try this year! I’m not Greek but my neighbors for many years were Greek and every Christmas season they would always bring over a tray of these cookies (and the half moon almond cookies) so these always make me feel like Christmas! Since moving from there it’s been a few years since having them so in going to try to recreate them! Thanks so much!

  2. aww..they are looking so yummy…i suddenly crave for em even if it’s mid year.thanks for the wonderful recipe!!! i really like the part of orange and baking soda reaction 😀

  3. Thanks for the awesome recipe! Mine are in the oven now and fingers crossed they’ll be yummy! I did encounter a bit of a problem with the baking soda + orange juice process.. I took fresh orange juice to mean freshly squeezed & though I sieved the pulp out when I added baking soda it didn’t froth the way yours did 🙁

  4. Πραγματικά γευστικά ίσως οτι καλύτερο έχω δοκιμάσει σε σπιτικά μελομακάρονα! ΟΜΩΣ! υπήρξε κάποιο πρόβλημα, Ενώ τα βούτηξα στο σιρόπι το πολύ για 10”, λάσπωσαν θα έλεγα.. Που έγινε το λάθος? μήπως θα έπρεπε παραπάνω ζύμωμα? μήπως παραπάνω ψήσιμο? . Θα μπορούσατε να με διαφωτίσετε ? ευχαριστώ όπως και να έχει για την υπέροχη συνταγή σας!!!

  5. this recipe looks amazing thank you for sharing! ill definitely be trialling them tomorrow 🙂 would you please be able to tell me, how do you store the melomakarona after you’ve made them? and how long do they keep for? thank you!!

  6. Thanks for answering my questions! (on other videos as well) I made these cookies today (with a few problems, ha!) and even though I didn’t quiet make them properly, they’re still very good and moist. My boss asked me to share these with him and gave them 2 thumbs up. (he’s Greek)

  7. This was so helpful to see how this was made. This is easily one of my favorite cookies, have made them once, following this video exactly, and they were as delicious as the ones I kept getting weekly on my business to trip to NYC. Sooo good! Also, I didn’t put the nut on, and the flavor is still wonderful.

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