Christmas Eve This & That 2013

Right before company arrives, I make sure everything is picked up, Kleenex boxes are new, hand soaps are full, garbage is emptied, etc. I show you the appetizers once they are ready to eat and then I scan the room so you can get a look at the room after we have opened presents. We actually filmed while opening gifts, so that video should be posted in the next day or so.
Jalapeno & Habanero Pepper Jack Cheese Review


  1. Hi Tami! I was looking at this older Christmas video of yours before your newest for 2016 is posted. It looks like this one was before your kitchen remodel – I like how sleek and modern your kitchen looks now but I was peeking at your old cabinets in this video and they are very pretty (white with the engravings…) Do you feel like your remodel took anything away from the classic “Victorian” look of your home?

    Also – that is an awesome spread for Christmas! Looks like y’all made lots of small plates. Do you also do traditional Christmas dinner or just make lots of small dishes like these?

  2. Your food looked so good. I think I may steal some of your recipes and make them for the Super Bowl . Do you have a video on the chicken dip and potato skins already?

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