Christmas Entertaining Dilemma’s….. Solved

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  1. Juani! This is so informative for anyone who doesn’t have party accessories on hand for the holidays or any party event. Great video girlfriend. You could actually turn all of those things into a serving party set by adding paint.

  2. Girl I really liked this video and it was very helpful too.  I ran across the chaffing holder myself and I got it because I knew I’d find a way to use it.  Thanks, I’m going to try it with some of my glass dishes and see which fits.

  3. Juani, I enjoyed this video!!! Thank you for all the great tips. I had to put this in my favorites, because you offer great information in this video. TFS!!!

  4. Hi Juani!! These were great solutions!! I loved them all and especially your solutions for elevating serving platters and bowls!! Fabulous!! Tfs, have a great weekend! Liza :))

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