Christmas Dinner Yorkshire Pudding Wrap Recipe Gluten free, dairy free, low FODMAP | Becky Excell

Here’s my Christmas dinner Yorkshire pudding wrap recipe! It’s 100% gluten free, dairy free, lactose free and can be made low FODMAP too!


You can thank/blame Mark for the creation of my gluten free Christmas dinner Yorkshire wrap recipe. He’s seen them before, but of course, they’re never usually dairy free or low FODMAP, so he can’t usually eat them… until now!
Mark has been bugging me to make a Christmas dinner Yorkshire wrap that’s dairy free and low FODMAP (and gluten free for me of course) all week. So let’s get stuck in…


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  1. can you possibly make Yorkshire pudding with only egg whites or one egg the rest whites and another flour . Corn is not the best for many but glad it works for you. Such a rice flour.

  2. after months of seeing your videos it makes me see i can eat things. but at first when i was told i had ibs it was at first trying things to see if i can eat them. then i was told by the doctor about fod map at first i wasn’t happy having foods and cutting things out then i found your videos and now iv found lots of things i can have i think your videos will help a lot of people also merry Christmas

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