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We venture forward into truth of food, Food Revolution, I will give you a better skill set & better way of looking at food, eating gourmet inspired home dishes. I teach technique not just a dish, but many combinations and exciting ideas. Welcome to my kitchen. My food is healthy in the true meaning of Restaurant as “to Restore” as food should.. My experiment/Show using “low income” and food stamps shows, with some simple concepts has had excellent results. We have more food, dried, base foods, a nice Big spice set, and ability to have most anything at the market. Most meals here are 2-3$ most some 20-50 cents keep your eye’s pealed no really start smelling everything in the spice rack. I used to do that everyday long time ago in class 93′ until I had more idea’s
Chef John 2013
I will change your mind about food, if i don’t maybe I’ll get a laugh.
I rise.
We rise.
The Show:
Good food Shrimp in White Wine Cream Sauce

Old Papa John making the 1st pizza (Dedicated to Richard Pryor and Mudbone)

I learned to walk again,
I am (HC) still.
I lost 45 lbs.
!!!!!!!!!!!!! Link

I eat great food healthy for training, and enjoy the pleasures of awsome food. Fillet Mignon to Fried Jumbo Shrimp

I work out everyday, and give simple keys on health. I want to give you this knowledge to a very healthy and just plain smart way of looking at things, lets go.

I give truth on food products, technique, and mix it up with some French, Italian, Asian or other Culinary Cuisine terminology.
I work with no scripts, but the knowledge of 25 years of culinary experience Baltimore International College and Lane Community College in Eugene’s moving Food Revolution, studied under International Chefs.
I teach cumulatively so it is important to pick up terms I am using
over and over. I am basically taking everyone through first year Culinary, an over view of skills techniques that can be expanded on.
The food Revolution kitchen is that base foods are what we are building it with a new kitchen outlook then we can rock. a vast knowledge of interesting facts, tricks, and ways to save money.
Mission: I believe what I do fills a deep need in American culture, a
food revolution, and back to good food, real food, whole some food made with the Farmers hands an American honored tradition.
‘No more bags, no more boxes’
I want people to know what the food really is, a simple design.
“Chef John”,
The Ghetto Gourmet Show lil chef productions
I few of my best videos picked by the views and time watched, with a mix of items.

Cajun Cream Sauce Bow tie pasta

Tempora or batter fried Chicken Tenders & Jumbo Shrimp

The idea “The Show”

“The Joker makes Chili”

KVAL Episode Links Things were going on the set, kitchen was cooking, smoking, rocking. Awesome food we hit that aha moment with the combo of the Saffron sautéed golden brown w/ a gentle crunch an the sharp of the lemon lime Beurre banc and soft sharp up in umami with the rich shrimp.

This dessert is called a Sopapillas, meaning ‘small pillow”. They are so easy to make and ligh and fluffy notice time on this video. FAST

I’ll make you laugh, 4 KIDZ episodes w/ Edwina Matilda , N Cookie Monster kids and me at play, my favorites by far
And a new Character Dedicated to (Richard Pryor & Mudbone)
aka Thor: Book “The Eye of Thor”
Thor is…
is the better part of me, the writer, the singer, the human best, I strive to reach…

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