Christmas Dessert Station Idea Collab

Thumbs Up! **** Christmas Dessert Station Idea Collab! I will be sharing quick and easy dessert ideas. And see how I used and bathroom shelf for displaying desserts. Details on the blog

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  1. Beautiful and genius! How did you get the wall hangers of the back of the bathroom shelf? I need to know for future reference!
    Also did you use the Bar Keepers Friend to clean the brass?

  2. Hi Denise I like to exchange with you sweetie but I don’t know your address so please can you give me your address and enjoy the rest of the day and God bless

  3. Denise why did I find the same right before the New Year!! I was so excited! I think I took pictures because I used it on New Year’s Eve. Thank you for the inspiration. YOU ROCK!

  4. I was sent to your video by Rosie from IHeartRecipes! I love that you turned your bathroom wall stand into a dessert stand! That’s very creative! I like that your desserts were easy to make & no baking was involved! Your dessert station is beautiful! I also like that everything was affordable (including the dessert stand).

  5. Wow!!! These are really great ideas. I found you through I heart recipes’ page and I am glade I did. I love how your decorations look sooooo expensive but are extremely affordable. At first I wasn’t going to watch because I thought everything would be out of my price range but boy am I glade I watch. You have one more new subscriber!!!

  6. Such a gorgeous and elegant display of holiday desserts! I have never used the chocolate shells before or Almond Joy pudding. I always learn new things and great tips from you. I am still loving your ham and cheese sliders! You have a great talent and I love watching your videos! Merry Christmas!XOXOXO Rose

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