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How to make a bread & butter pudding!
Very easy to follow video recipe that shows you simple step by step instructions on how to make this delicious & easy dish ‘Bread and butter pudding’ from start to finish. All the ingredients are shown in the video. I hope you enjoy!
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  1. Don’t know what naked has to do with it? Especially when I am naked from the moment I walk in my home until the moment I leave lol. Anyway, Looks seems delicious! Had bread pudding with maple syrup and things but not like this with the currants and fruit. Maybe a slight scatter of real skinned smoked pork belly bacon bits to offset all the sweet and that vanilla ice cream lol.

  2. My mouth was watering after he took his first bite and i was thinking to myself.. why… do you always do this.. too late too cook and watching these videos. then he held up the spoonful of the 2nd bite so close you could almost smell it! ah man im done lol. great video though, thx

  3. I really love your videos, you make things that I would absolutely love to eat. I’m moving into a new flat at the weekend and I’m thinking I’ll try this or one of your pasta bakes!

  4. Love it! I usually put vanilla in the custard, and soak the dried fruits in either sherry or even gingerale to stop them burning too much on top. (which always happens with mine) Thank you kindly for the recipe! <3

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