Christmas Crack Recipe – The ULTIMATE Toffee Holiday Candy – Warren Nash

Here’s my FAB Christmas crack recipe made with layers of chocolate, toffee & M&M’s. You can use Saltines, Tuc or Ritz crackers. Perfect festive candy for the holidays.

These are super easy to prepare and this recipe makes 30 pieces of candy. Learn how to make it this year and why not leave some of this toffee deliciousness for Santa!?

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Ingredients (Serves 30 | Prep time: 20m | Cooking time: 15m | 180 calories & 11.3g fat p/serving):

– 1 Pack of Saltines, Ritz or Tuc crackers (approx. 150g)
– 225g Butter
– 220g Light brown sugar
– 240g Dark cooking chocolate
– 20g White cooking chocolate
– 60g M&Ms

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