CHRISTMAS CAKE RECIPE – Rich Fruit Cake for the Holidays

Want to make a delicious Christmas cake this year, then follow Steve’s Recipe and you will be sure to impress.

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Here’s the link on How to Feed your Cake

And then How to decorate it Some other Cake Tin Calculations here.

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CHRISTMAS CAKE RECIPE – Rich Fruit Cake for the Holidays

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  1. Hi Steve, so I have made 10 cakes and they are loved by my clients. Please help me to bake the measurement of 9 inch tin into 2 baking tins, what size tin should I use? And can I bake 2 cakes together?
    Thank you

  2. Hi Steve, this looks amazing so I have decided to use your recipe to make 25 of these to give to my work colleagues. I’ll be using 5 inch cake tins and it would be a great help if you could tell me how long to bake them for. Many Thanks

  3. Hello, so now my cake is resting and feeding on brandy and it looks beautiful.
    I’m now baking another batch of this recipe in 9-inch tin and going ahead with 1.3 times of the recipe as mentioned in the recipe. Please help me with the baking time and temperature, does it change or remains the same.

  4. I have bought additional dry fruits like blueberry 50gms dry dates 100gms tootifruity 100gms apricot 100gms is it ok to add all dis.can i marinate it in rum.would i req to increase the flour n sugar n other der any no ur contactable.

  5. I tried baking another cake in a smaller size I divided yr recipe in half nd used a 7inch tin. My cake burnt from the sides nd bottom leaving it moist nd tasty in the centre. I did wrap the butter paper quite well still it couldn’t save it. Any suggestions?

  6. hello Steve, the cake looks wonderful after baking, except for the colour perhaps I should add more of treacle. Starting to feed the cake from tom. This cake is really big 1.75kgs, what if I want to make 1Kg only what would be the measurements?

  7. Finally my cake looks huge and smells divine except for the dark colour, disappointed with the treacle.Can I add more than a tablespoon or buy molasses from the market for next batch

  8. Hi please help, I want to know how many kgs is this cake, as the dry fruits itself are like 1kg ? also, please tell me if I want to bake in square shape mould what size tin should I buy?

  9. Hi Steve, I’m from India and this is the first time i will try baking Christmas cake at home. When I was little I have seen my family going to the baker with all ingredients so this is quiet exciting for me! I would like to know what’s the difference if the fruits are soaked in rum or brandy fr a week? Does it change the measurements of the other ingredients as well or I can just go ahead with the feeding technique and will get the same outcome?

  10. I am going to bake mine end of October, but I have been soaking raisins and cherry’s in rum, jimbeam and harveys bristol cream for about six weeks now, the fruit is well soaked and plenty of fluid to feed the cake until Christmas.

    This is my first time making a fruit cake and after watching many youtube videos I have decided yours was the best guide and ingredients for my cake.

    Thanks will post a pic when its ready.

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