Chicken Wings Southern Smothered Sunday Good : Meso’s Best

Description Comfort food that will make you holla for yo moma! This gravy is the attraction to this dish. Smooth creamy rich and delicious. You’ll make this gravy to go with many dishes. Try this recipe and watch them loosen those pants and rub those bellies after this delicious dish.


  1. These wings don’t need to be covered at anytime. They will not brown properly if covered. Also, the bullion cubes are totally unnecessary. I just had some that I was trying to use up. I can’t really give measurements for most of the recipe because I don’t know how much chicken that you are using. You can use any part of the chicken that you like, it does not have to be wings.

  2. As for the seasoning, I use an old wise trick. I put my seasongings in just like u do, but I keep pouring until I know I can get a strong smell of that one particular season. Then I go to the next. Because when One puts the onion then the garlic it’s hard for me to separate the scents a little bit. My friends have same issue. That alone usually does the trick. I just did my chicken like this just now with a couple of little tweeks of my own. Love the paprika idea. Can’t wait to try it tonight. Thank you so much for going through this on your time and helping is all out with ideas. 😋

  3. Mines came out just like hers I dropped the chicken and gravy but we still ate it!!! Lol DELICIOUS!! Don’t cover the chicken cook for an hour She’s right taste better then fried chicken on the stove My kids clean their plates lol

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