CHICKEN SCHNITZEL Recipe | Italian Fried Chicken made by NONNA IGEA

Chicken schnitzel Nonna’s way! Meet my Nonna in her first ever video recipe as she teaches you the simple, original way to coat and cook up fried chicken cutlets. No one knows the little secrets like Nonna! Watch now to find them out and recreate this old age delight.
Fried Chicken Schnitzel Recipe

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Chicken Cutlets Recipe | Chicken Schnitzel made by Nonna Igea
Chicken Fillet
1 Lemon
Fresh bread crumbs
Sun Flower Oil


1. Break 3 eggs into a bowl and beat them well. Then add a pinch of salt.
2. Squeeze a small amlunt of lemon into the eggs. This is Nonna’s secret for keeping the meat from smelling like eggs. Mix I well.
3. Add a small amount of salt to both sides of the chicken fillet.
4. Immerge the chicken into the bowl with eggs and turn it over using a fork.
5. Pour breadcrumbs on a flat tray which has baking paper over the top.
6. Place each fillet on top of the bread crumbs and batter the bread crumbs on well. Turn over and repeat.
7. Heat up some sun flower oil in the pan (on a medium heat) and once it’s nice and hot place the chicken cutlets inside to cook. Cook the chicken cutlets a side at the time.
1. Make a simple lettuce salad adding salt, white vinegar and evoo. Mix well and then place it on the side of a plate
2. Dice the tomato and cut the artichoke in half and place them on top of the salad
Place the chicken cutlets next to the salad and buon appetite.
E ora si mangia, Vincenzo’s Plate…Enjoy!


Music: Catarina courtesy of Audio Network

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Watch the Chicken Schnitzel video recipe:


  1. Every time I watch your videos, especially the ones with your Nonna, I start to cry happy tears. I remember my Nonna and my Bisnonna and my mother and I all in the kitchen cooking when I was a little girl. We would make Cotoletta all the time! And my Bisnonna would make it almost exactly the same as your Nonna does. Thank you so much for sharing, and grazie, Nonna Igea for being so wonderful and sharing your food with us. 🙂

  2. Wonderful video! My family is from Pescara, and I’ve been trying to learn more and more about where we came from over the years! Give all of my love to your family <3

  3. Madò! Mi piace tantissimo vedere alla tua nonna cucinare! È una buona nonna, davvero! Allora, anche qui cuciniamo le cotolette di pollo, ma lo chiamano ”Pechuga ( petto (di pollo)) empanada (della parola Pane)”. Un abbraccio alla nonna e anche a te! 😀

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