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There are a lot of Chicken Penne Pasta recipes, but this one is truly incredible. Arrabiata sauce, is an fairly traditional tomato based pasta sauce, that is spiced up with the addition of hot chili flakes and a bit of vinegar. Those ingredients give the pasta sauce a wonderful heat, and tanginess, that goes really well with the mild flavored chicken and penne pasta.

Of course, I’m always interesting in fast and easy recipes, so I generally make large batches of the arrabiata sauce and freeze meal sized portions. Allowing the sauce to thaw while you cook the chicken and penne pasta, means you can have this great meal prepared in about 30 minutes.

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  1. but…. why use sugar when you can just leave out the vinegar? that doesnt make sense for me, just chunk a bit of wine in there for the flavor 😛 

  2. stop cooking tomatoes after ten min you kill the flavor of the tomato and then you will need to add sugar and acid to it. the colour is much richer and so is the natural flavours when the oil states to separate it is done

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