chicken biryani restaurant style – eid special recipe – hyderabadi biryani ramadan special recipe

Chicken biryani, a special hyderabadi biryani perfect to have during iftar time in the month of ramadan…


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  1. So can anyone tell why the indian people all use whole spice like cinnamon sticks, cloves und cardamoms in so many rice dishes and masalas? It is so disgusting to bite on a clove or cardamom capsule while I am eating. So everyone hast to pull it out of the mouth while eating. When I cook indian dishes I always use this three spice not in whole for a masalas or rice. Only for marinating things and so on.

  2. Thanks you for this wonderful recipe. I tried chicken biriyani for the first time and it came out well 😀. Now my husband want me to try the mutton version of it. Can you please let me know what all changes I need to make to get the mutton version well

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