Chia Seed Breakfast Bowl Recipe | Rennie Mystery Box Challenge 3 #spon

Welcome to another Rennie Mystery Box Challenge! This video contains a paid for promotion, but that’s not the mystery ingredient!

In each Mystery Box Challenge, Rennie delivers a slightly obscure ingredient and, with your help, we conjure up an awesome recipe to celebrate the ingredient. This time… an awesome fruit that we combine with a great breakfast idea that you guys have been begging us to make. Perhaps one of the easiest recipes we’ve done… but the addition of our mystery ingredient takes it to another level… An amazing level!!. Have a watch to find out what the surprise twist is and how we get on!

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  1. The fruit brings back childhood memories when I realised it looks so familiar. We call it ‘srikaya’ in my home country and we eat it just as it is! It’s interesting to see your take on srikaya, would love to try it sometime in the future 😀

  2. In Dominican Republic we do champola, it is basically juice but instead of water we use milk blended with what you call custard apple. Here we call that fruit guanabana. Interesting recipe by the way!

  3. You all should try American PawPaw fruit. It’s a Native American fruit but most Americans haven’t had it. Has a similar texture to custard Apple but tastes like vanilla pudding.

  4. I loved this mystery box item! We know Custard apples as Sugar apples or Sweetsop in most of the Caribbean. We mostly just eat them just as they are and they were my favorite as a kid. They make good juice, popsicles and Ice Cream too

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