Chia Porridge: Healthy Breakfast Meal

Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds:
My Blendtec Blender (which I LOVE!):

How to make chia porridge. Sorry you can’t hear me while the blender is running. I’ll talk about buying in bulk again.


  1. thank you April, I actually make coconut milk with whole coconuts where I crack open the nut, and pull out the pulp. It is fantastic,  but it takes forever and I ruined my blender by  bits of shells accidentally ending up in blender. So,,,, in a nutshell (no pun intended) I’m going to try shredded coconut. I just hope that the azure standard doesn’t have sulfites of preservatives because the kind they sell in many places does. Have you experienced any mold or rancidity in your 25lb bags of dried coconut?

  2. This stupid bitch thinks that  we need to take a step back in time and not force our dairy companies to pasteurize the milk they sell to us, she is a republican trying to harm your children. She told me that  my mother in the 30’s who served her son milk the milk man brought to her house not only deserved to lose her son but actually killed him herself because she was a dirty native American woman who killed her son with her filth!!! You still like this bitch?

  3. And yes coconuts are healthy and its better to put coconut oil on your hair and skin than any other crap in cvs. now am i consider a terrorist because im hurting the corporations by doing this.

  4. Yes I love the talking while the blender is going its classic thats what i do when my wife is screaming at me because of all the money i spend on organic food

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  6. We should be feeding our children healthy fats such as coconut, nuts, avo ect.. I think people see fat and think “BAD” but their are good and bad fats. Fast foods have bad fats.
    You are not doing any harm to your child if you feed them superfoods such as chai and healthy fat as cocnonut

  7. I’ve heard great things about chia, going to give this recipe a try!

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  8. You’re right palm oil is terrible! I’m running out to get some canola oil and margarine tonight because my TV said it was good for me, so you can rest assured my children won’t be obese!! *sarcasm!!!

  9. your right that fat in nuts is good fat but all are high in calories which will make your kids obese in the long run but coconuts have palm oil in them which is a really bad fat and will clog the veins if consumed to often fact! look up palm oil on the net if you dont beleive me then see im perfectly right and your wrong.

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