Chefs Wrestle Live Eels for Christmas Feast of the Seven Fishes Recipe

Jeff Michaud and Brad Spence are back just in time for the holidays. Get more Dude Food:

This week they’re cooking up some live eels for a Dude Food-style Feast of the Seven Fishes, a traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner featuring course after course of seafood dishes. That’s a lot of fish!

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  1. That is the messiest way to skin an eel. Last time I cooked one up, we killed the eel, nailed the head to wood, slit around the entire neck (just enough to cut the skin, not cut into the flesh) and pulled the skin clean off. Not saying the above method is wrong, just messy.

  2. I think people in this chat need to calm down. Deboning fish fresh is probably the best way to do it. It’s rare when I see eel in the supermarket already de-boned 😛 (Ive never seen it, to be fair.)

  3. people all over the world doe it whatever the time of year. in case you forgot we are animals and animals eat other animals or they are the ones to get eaten. that’s nature for you get over it.

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