Cauliflower Wrap | Low Carb, Keto Recipe

So how do you define a healthy meal? For me a healthy meal is a meal that contains all classes of food or most classes of food. What’s yours?

Ingredients for the Cauliflower Wrap
– Cauliflower
– Eggs
– Red, green and yellow bell pepper
– Salt
– Bacon
– Mushrooms
– Red onions
– Mayonnaise
– Carrot oil

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Nigerian food is yummy!


  1. Thanks Flo, you are amazing. Do you know how long this keeps? Can it be frozen and rewarmed in a microwave? I’m super busy and tend to cook once or twice a week in large batches that will last me all week. I like to know how long food can be stored because it helps with my meal preps. Thank you. 😘

  2. I eat egusi soup and amala 5 times a day, omlette for breakfast with a glass of milk every morning before my egusi, now I think that’s a healthy diet plan for me, dont know about you

  3. I love this recipe but I would substitute the bacon for lean chicken and skip the mayonnaise in order not to add weight. Yes I do want the recipe for carrot oil.

  4. Looks delicious ! My definition of healthy food is to eat everything in an gud quality , mostly meat i watch to get directly from a farmer , same as eggs and milk. A high content on fresh and raw vegetables and fruits due to the season is the best i think. Cooking traditional , seasonal food with a smaller amount of fat and sugar .

  5. A health meal, for me, is a meal that does not contained PROCESSED meat or meat that is hard for your body to digest. Pig Bacon is not a health meat, it has a lot of oils,fat, salt inside of it. Lean turkey bacon is better. Pork is also not something you should eat too much of it because it is hard for your body to digest.

    Otherwise, the meal is a great meal and looks delicious 😋 I can’t wait to try it.

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