Cannoli, Italian Cooking Video – Gianni’s North Beach

Cannoli are fun to make and really not that difficult. You can make the shells ahead and fill them just before serving.

My shells are crispy with blisters all over so be careful, they’ll shatter as you bite into the sweet, creamy ricotta filling studded with candied orange and chocolate chips.

If you don’t want to make your own shells you can buy the shells. I got a box of Ferrara’s shells at North Beach’s Molinari Deli on Columbus. Whip up your own ricotta filling and fill the shells just before serving so they stay don’t get soggy.

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  1. Sounds DELICCCIeeeeiiiiiiooooohhhhhHIOOOSOOOOO nice!!! I see you haven’t posted anything for several months so I hope you’re ok Gianni!!!!!! Waiting for your next cooking adventure to give to us!!!!

  2. grrrrrrrr i remember the first time i had cannoli mhmmmm! woooow the crunch is REAL!!!! So gonne suprise my gf with this this weekend 😀 Thx for the recipe <3 Much love <3

  3. White wine in the Dough. Now that is a proper cannoli shell! Have you had the fried cookies with basically the same dough but then dipped in the red wine glaze? I love them as much as cannoli. If you’re not familiar, let me know and I’ll message you the recipe.

  4. I heard the crunch in that canolli & went to heaven! May I ask how long will the shells keep before filling? Also which part of sicily does your family come from? I am from  Giarre riposte 🙂 Cheer Gianni 🙂

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