Cairo restaurant draws crowds

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Cairo, Egypt – 28 February 2016
1. Pan right from old Islamic area to exterior of restaurant Zizo
2. Mid of sign reading (Arabic) “Zizo”
3. Mid of cook preparing spicy liver dish known as Kebda in a big pot
4. Close to liver being prepared in the pot on the stove
5. Cook adding oil to a pot
6. Various of spicy sausage being mixed in pot
7. Mid of sandwiches being prepared
8. Cook preparing sandwiches, plate of sandwiches in foreground
9. Waiter serving food
10. Various of people eating at tables on the street
11. Wide of restaurant owner Abdelaziz Mostafa Hamza checking bread for sandwiches
12. Mid of Hamza directing cooks from outside kiosk
13. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Abdelaziz Mostafa Hamza, owner of Zizo’s Restaurant:
“I’ve been working more than 40 years. Even before the year I launched my shop back in 1963. I started when I was a young boy being trained. You know that anyone could make street food sandwiches but the difference at the end is the taste and quality. My products are well known over the region. And if not you won’t see these tourists and customers all around the place.”
14. Tilt down to Chinese tourists eating sandwiches
15. Various of Chinese tourists eating sandwiches
16. SOUNDBITE (English) Suyin Heng, Chinese tourist:
“I think that Egyptian food are more sweet. But this is my first time in Egypt to eat very spicy food, very spicy. And I think it’s a good place especially in Khan Elkhalily. And I think it’s very good. Tamam (Good)!”
17. Close of sausage sandwiches on tables
18. SOUNDBITE (English) Paco Jaeger, Chinese tourist:
“Actually this is the first time I ate food in Egypt, in Cairo. And I think food in Egypt is very sweet. And here the food is, like she said, is little spicy. Different from the food I ate before.”
19. Various of Egyptian family eating
20. Close of sandwiches on table
21. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Somaya Boules, customer:
“We always come here once or twice per month because his liver and sausage sandwiches are the best. Even if we eat in other restaurants, we prefer this one. Our kids always asks us to bring them here.”
22. Mid of customer Mohamed Hatem eating
23. Close of customer Hatem eating
24. Pull focus on food on the table
25. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Mohamed Hatem, customer:
“I am addicted to this place as it is the best place where you can eat liver and sausage sandwiches. I really wish all people would come here and try Zizo’s.”
26. Tracking shot of waiter serving food
27. Wide of waiter arranging chairs
28. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Gamal Elkoumy, waiter:
“It’s called Alexandrian food because it’s so spicy but not related to Alexandria city. Lots of people don’t know the recipe used in our sandwiches is not hot pepper. It’s an assorted combination of spices that comes from Aswan and Sudan. This combination at the end gives the spicy taste at the end.”
29. Various of people eating
30. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Samuel Naguib, nutrition expert:
“Fast food in general contains harmful ingredients such as LDL (low density lipoprotein). LDL increases cholesterol and triglycerides. The triglycerides cause cardiac diseases and arteriosclerosis. It also causes diabetes and hypertension. The second thing is that fast food doesn’t contain HDL. It’s an abbreviation of High Density Lipoprotein. This HDL prevents cardiac diseases. And this is found in vegetable salads and natural fruits that are completely absent in any fast food.”
31. Wide of street in front of Zizo’s restaurant
Zizo’s restaurant in Cairo is one of the city’s worst kept secrets.
That’s despite the health concerns over such foods.

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