Bushcraft Cooking Christmas Dinner Campfire Cooking Smoked Turkey With Prophecy Prepper

Campfire Christmas Dinner Bushcraft Cooking Christmas Dinner Campfire Cooking Smoked Turkey with Prophecy Prepper

Marks channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHmCHj_cvj9CJJljvr-NMCA


  1. Great video (as usual!). You & Mark have got the right idea on your shelters. Unless you own private land like the Cullens (TAOutdoors) you risk losing all your investment of time and resources. I recently spent hours and hours, over the course of weeks, building a “super shelter” with dark green tarps and a camouflage of branches and leaf litter. Cozy and water proof. Complete with stone fire hearth for cooking safely. In the farthest corner of a local, but very large, tract of public woodland. I came back one day to find it gone. Not just knocked down, or vandalized, but LITERALLY bulldozed! Apparently, as I later was able to quietly decuce, a deer hunter reported a “homeless camp,” which the city workers felt needed to be utterly obliterated. But, not before they apparently dismantled it enough to steal my nice tarpaulins!

  2. Great video lads, i think you work well together, really enjoyed it. Loved the pencil sharpener idea never heard of that before. I see your still saying sorry when you dont need to though lol……. whats wrong with saying “guys” its one word that covers both sexes, just say what suits you mate, 7.3 k subs says your doing something right, ignore the odd whinger. Anyway Happy Christmas and New Year to you both and keep em coming “guys” oops sorry lol

  3. Nice one Stuart that scran looked good enough to eat mate, you and your family have a Happy Christmas and a good New Year mate 👌🏻atb👍🏻🇬🇧

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