Brunch Recipes – How to Make Monkey Bread

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Watch how to make sweet, cinnamony monkey bread using your bread machine. Pop the dough into the bread machine. Then simply cut the dough into chunks, coat them with a buttery sweet syrup mixture, and place the chunks into a Bundt pan. The coated dough will come together in the hot oven just like puzzle pieces.

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  1. why is everything in slow motion? “1 cup of water” 8 seconds later the water is in bread maker. it was a good video BUT painful to watch the over exaggerated slow motion.

  2. I have a question about the “dough” cycle.
    It says to let it run until completed, but in that case it has risen twice already.
    Does the dough rise a third time in the pan?

    because my bread maker, if memory serves, does this

    knead— wait 30 minutes or so for a rise—knead again but not as long— wait until a second rise,shorter than the first—bake.

    Do i let it knead, rise and then simple stop the dough cycle and let the second rise finish in the pan?

    First time really using the machine for anything other than bread to be honest…

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