Breakfast Sausage Patties Done in the Oven

As shown in video, preheat oven to 425. Prepare baking pan and bake at 425. if sausage is coming from the refrigerator then bake between 18-22 minutes. If sausage is frozen from the freezer bake 22-24 minutes. You may wish to flip the patties over halfway through the baking process.

The following step is NOT necessary, but if you want a more crispy finish then after baking and they are ALMOST done, switch oven over to broil and DO NOT WALK AWAY EVEN FOR 1 SECOND! Check every 20-30 SECONDS, you may wish to flip them to crisp up both sides. Many times this broiling step is NOT needed.

NOTE Different brands may have different sized patties than the ones I used in this video. Also, you may have shaped your own patty. My point is that you must pay attention when cooking the sausage this way, as to note how long it took YOUR particular oven to thoroughly cook the sausage. Make note of that time, and you will always have the perfect sausage every time!



  1. Love this! I cook bacon in the oven, and it comes out so much better and perfect every time, so I’m gonna cook sausage the same way now. Thanks, Hedy! 🙂

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