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BREAKFAST MEAL PREP! Chai Pudding for Breakfast!
For this breakfast meal prep were going to be looking at my Chai seed pudding recipe. This is an easy meal prep idea and one of my favorite recipes for breakfast meal prepping.

The Chai Pudding is delicious, it’s healthy and it is something that an easy meal prep idea for those of you who are constantly rushing around, you can get the Chai Seed Pudding Recipe in the link below.


13.4 grams of protein per meal
332 calories per meal
18 grams of fat per meal
6 grams of fiber per meal
36 carbs per meal

glass meal prep containers:

balloon whisk:


pyrex glass mixing bowls:

wood cutting board:

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  1. So I’m a full time nursing student, and I’d love to see more breakfast meal preps! I’m starting this Sunday with meal prepping for the first time. I’ll be making this for breakfast but I’m nervous I won’t like the chia seeds. I’m also making your healthy spaghetti, and then your grilled chicken with black bean, kale and pineapple salad. I’ll make sure to tag you on Instagram.

  2. Hi Bobby
    Loving all the flavors of this recipe but any reason why my chocolate mixture didn’t get the pudding texture? I did added the chia seeds and mixed it and did everything you said. But it’s still watery 🙁

  3. I really want to try to make this, but I do not like any kind of yogurt. Is there something else I can use in place of the yogurt that is still healthy and tasty?

  4. I just found your videos and I love them. I can’t wait to try this. Could you make the fruit flavored yogurt with any fruit? I’d love to try a strawberry one. Thank you for these!

  5. The first thing when I saw those mason jars was Ohhhh they are sooo cute! And then you said it out loud 😁 These recipes are amazing. Will do amazing into my new and improved healty lifestyle change. It will be a first to eat chia pudding. Can’t wait!

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